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  • MDMs

    Meter Data Management System (MDMS) is based on data measurement to ensure data  accuracy and consistency of raw data from meters. It provides an integration with multiple  Head end system (HES) to ensure unified data, unified business process and devices  interconnection. It has the objective of providing processes for collecting, aggregating,  matching, consolidating, quality assuring to ensure control and consistency.

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    FeaturesTechnical ParameterProduct Size Chart

    ● System satisfies 7*24 hours running without break, providing continuous and steady service.
    ● System’s flexibility satisfies business requirement and future development of State Grid
    ● System can integrate different kinds of application systems, satisfies seamless integration requirement to adapt complicated system construction
    ● Adopts Dual servers parallel running, so that the failure of one sever will not affect the system. The solution is proved to be of high availability
    ● Unified interface specification,for data access interactive systems
    ● Unified archive management, including grid structure, organizational structure, administrative area, customer and equipment
    ● VEE(validation, estimation, edition) to to ensure high quality data, , and support customized validation rules according to standard rules of group management
    ● Work flow management, such as meter installation, site survey, maintenance.
    ● Line loss calculation
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